How Much House Loan Singapore Can I Afford?

This is a question that most people do not give enough consideration to. Most individuals will inevitably want to get the highest loan quantum possible for their house loan Singapore. The right way to ask this question is to ask yourself. A house loan Singapore lender can only assess your finances and judge how big a loan quantum you should be able to handle without compromising your lifestyle and other commitments. They are unable to tell you how much of a loan you can afford. This can be made even more complicated when there are private arrangements between you and your family members to repay the house loan. e.g. your parents have privately agreed with you to help repay the mortgage in the initial few years.

There is also the possible event that the lender approves a house loan Singapore quantum that you cannot afford to handle in the long run. These are situations that you should look out for in case you run into defaults for your home loan in future. Taking these into consideration, you can plan and determine your house loan Singapore budget before going out to look for a suitable housing loan that can meet what you want.

List down all you current personal credit facilities and recurring bills that you have to pay. This include your expenses like petrol, auto loan, hand phone bills, existing credit card installments, etc. Deduct those expenses from you monthly personal income and you will have an indication of how much a mortgage monthly payment you can comfortably afford. It is not wise to take up a house loan offer that requires you to repay an amount that you can afford. And since home loans commonly run into 20 to 30 years, you will have to live off a compromised lifestyle for that number of years if you truly cannot afford the home loan that you cannot afford.